Weapons Of Crass Dysfunction

by Katscan

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Second full length album by Katscan.


released October 31, 2005

Martin Katscan, Eddie PlusOne


all rights reserved



Katscan England, UK

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Track Name: A Time For Hate
Thirty two winters deep
Skeletal fingers choke me to sleep
brush my hair and clean my teeth
The rotting corpses at my feet!

This is all you are worth!
Shake the dolly until it wakes
Hang yourself on these holy words..!
"There's time to love, and a time to hate"

Bone rattle baby, needles in her arm
Machine made mummy, keep me safe from harm
Veins stretch, cat cradle, black teeth, crooked grin
Lessons for the lonely, enjoy your sin

We're sleep walking into a police state
Fear the creature feature, loves to detonate
We all have bombs strapped to our chests
We just never dared to see them yet
Track Name: Zombie Machine
Since the day that you were born you've been buried alive
Cathode rays have microwaved your mind
A sack of bones and blood stitched together with wires
Plugged into a brain leech autocrat messiah

Tune in to lobotomy
Zombie Machine! Zombie Machine!
Sedative dependency
Zombie Machine! Zombie Machine!

Battery farmed consumers in formaldehyde
Subtle suggestion reflects in lifeless eyes
Apathetic Living dead, zombie see zombie do
Swallow the all shit spoon fed to you

Tune in to lobotomy, Surreptitious EST
Fragile X Syndrome device
Digitized chlorpromazine, Neuroleptic plasma-screen
A demographic profile, is not a life

Mindfucked and wasted, a protein shell
Soul raped, castrated, welcome to hell
Self administered mental euthanasia
Believe only half of what you see none of what you hear!
Track Name: Feed And Breed
I'm vague or something, but not fuckin donkey pinned,
I’m just bruised and battered, and my head keeps caving in.
I don’t want to switch channels, I don’t need to find no love
Sordid greasy filth fist fingers, Conquer soft pink with disgust

If i had a brain I’d be ashamed

I've had all the therapy, your hard-earned money can buy
I just smile and say it helped me,
then glass some fucker in the eye
Feed and breed, watch them bleed, a micropenis love bite pig
Warrior in a shell suit, pit-bull and sovereign ring

If i had a brain I’d be ashamed
Ashamed of what my ignorance has made..(Me)
No, society is not to blame
For the hatred that runs through me?

Reaping what you've sown, whining all alone

I can't create anything, so i kick the shit outta everything
Less careful with my dick, got 10 teenage mothers after me
Track Name: Joe Public
All drugs are heroin, sharing needles in a wheelie bin
Scabby holes in clammy skin
Overdose, comatose, dead specimen
He don’t do that stuff, he knows what’s right
Tabloid tells him in black and white
He just gets a little drunk on a Friday night
He has sixteen pints then beats his wife.

Things are so clear to Joe Things are so clear to Joe
Things are so clear to Joe
Even all the things he doesn’t know
Track Name: Stutter Cut
Like flies around the shit, like dogs unto the bitch
You keep me dosed on sex and guns
while my soul it rots to dust

This is a Stutter Cut, a slice to the in-between
When the naked eye forgets to lie
Pull back the skin, pull back the skin and breathe!

Staple wide my eyes and fill my dreams
With shopping channel cancer, silicone teens
Raped by canned laughter killing spree
I want to fit the slot, lost the plot, Oh mercy me!

Sometimes think i worry too much
Sometimes i worry i think too much

Come on down victim the price is right
You can fill your mouth with stitches and die tonight
A pay per view voyeur, a fly on the wall
Close up the autopsy for a cum-shot before you fall
Track Name: Necessary Evil
The beast he came we even knew his name
All played the game on CNN
He takes his aim, fire falls like rain
Tattoo? Death shower?
Do we really want to go there again?

Sanitised, depersonalised digibox neuracide
Televise to divert the eyes from your multiplayer suicide
Too pacified to recognise, cerebral cortex atrophied
Accept, deny, an exorcise in multiplayer suicide

Necessary evil for the good of the people
No, not strictly legal but who ever knew
Naive and feeble, kneel in awe of the eagle
Über Alles, she was iron, now she's Red White And blue!

Prisoners of fear with a ‘seen it all’ sneer
It’s not murder when you’re in uniform
Surf the channels, drink some beer
Repetition makes it clear
Demonise and patronise me till i’m sore
Track Name: L Dopa
I got a sickness sweet as aAnnotate love note
I got a headache like a pillow
Called me Daisy, called me Daisy, called me Daisy, that one
Called me Daisy

I am a sweetheart
I am a prom queen
I am some puppies
What, Daisy?
What, Daisy?

Are we here now?
I am a horror
This is an old one
What, Daisy?
L Dopa fixed me, all right
Track Name: You Love It You Shlaaggs
Stab the air to a cold, straight beat, grim, stale un-interesting
Crumble spine Pete he never moves his feet, he's so cardiac arresting
Future Perfect?..Future bland! Ibiza Nietzche nursery rhymes
Choose your favourite band by how 'German' they sound
Oh glow-stick it where the suns don’t shine!

Tellytubby cyber junkies, powder, pill pop clown/clone monkeys
But you love it you shlaaggs You know you love it you shlaaggs!
Your gums they are receding and your noses keep on bleeding
But you love it you shlaaggs You know you love it you shlaaggs!

4 to the floor, a vacant loft, empty vessels making noise
Feeding at the trough, going off half-cocked,
carbon copied girls and boys
Shrink wrapped babies, laser beams Assimilated fashion rats
Day-go green, splitting at the seams,
don't think you'll EVER scan this Kat!

What happened to you, you've 'come so hungry to fit
All you 'wannabe' is just like them
Faceless Euro who? 'Not quite' 242 What about Johnny T.H.M.?
To illustrate how the fashion dictates
You dance till morning to the same bass drum
keep your 'easily pleased' and your cheap cut speed
I've got my e-lec-tro punk scum
Track Name: Cheap Freak Trash
My stitches feel like they are giving way
Less self control with every passing day
Diesel dirt and blood cakes my face
I'm opting out of your human race

Who wrote the program.for mental health
Shift control and.we will delete ourselves
Leave the meat sack cattle, evolution's waste
Upload your middle finger into their stupid face!

We'll never become what you want us to be
Your labels and hatred mean nothing to me
You point and you push and you call us all freaks
Your stench might be strong, but your minds are so weak

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